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Ashley Anthony

Im so excited you are here and that you are joining me on this journey of art.  I have been making art for quite sometime now, but the Lord has stirred in my heart a new joy for art over the past few years.  He so graciously gave me something to do in the midst of pain and suffering and I am seeing that now...on this side of pain and continued grief. I recently sat down with a sweet friend of mine, Wren to discuss this.  You can hear more on her podcast HERE.

For now...welcome to the new site...or actually, updated site! I hope this new site will offer you a place to shop for the things I have on hand or connect with the lovely stores that carry my artwork.   

I look forward to blogging more as well, sharing what mess I'm making, what my daily life is like or ramblings of what's new.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.  I hope that the art I make sparks something in you that will encourage, inspire or bring you joy! 



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